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1950's and 1960's

The maximum exaltation of the company's craftsmanship skills is transformed into limited productions and unique models, embracing various feminine styles including evening bags in fine leathers, with artistic decorations and 24-karat gold engraving. A real company philosophy: to be the spokesperson of qualitative excellence and uniqueness.


1970's and 1980's

The great international stage of the Sapaf brand opens. The company wins the trust of the market and the attention of the media thanks to the high quality of its productions, establishing itself with increasing success in the United States and Japan.

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1990's and 2000's

The years of contemporary strategic transformation with great positive effects, with the strengthening of technical know-how and the acquisition of new organizational knowledge. These are the years in which the Sapaf Atelier 1954 project takes shape and evolves towards the 2.0 era.



From the birth of an artisan workshop in 1954, through excellence and experience

Sapaf Atelier 1954 is today one of the most exclusive brands in the Luxury panorama

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